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Hydration Bladder Dryer - Fits Camelbak Crux Reservoir

Hydration Bladder Dryer - Fits Camelbak Crux Reservoir

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Use the hairdryer you already own to safely dry out your Camelbak reservoir.
We can't count the number of times we've found black residue in our water bladder for hiking, biking or working!  It's frustrating after using a hydration bladder cleaning kit to wash your backpack water bladder and hang it drying for days, or sometimes weeks, to still find brown stuff in the tube or bladder.  We decided that we needed a way to be 100% positive that there was no water left when we stored our hiking backpack with water bladder.  Our hydration bladder dryer is an adapter that fits snuggly on a newer style Camelbak bladders allowing you to use a common household hair dryer to gently dry the interior of the reservoir in just a few minutes.

Other drying methods that come with a water bladder cleaning kit rely on passive air flow from a hanger or cloth insert to do the job.  Stop waiting for phantom air currents to dry your reservoir, take control of getting your camelback bladder as dry as can be.

To use the dryer:

1) Shake out as much water as you can and blot out any large puddles with a towel.

2) Remove the bite valve to allow air flow through the hose.

3) Thread the two pieces together and fit to the mouth of the bladder.  This adapter will only fit over a Camelbak bladder mouth that has the threads on the outside of the ring.

4) Fit a common household hair dryer, never use an industrial heatgun, into the cone and flip it on high air flow and low or cool heat.

5) Allow dryer to run until all water had been dried.  After 5-10 minutes you're done!  Do not leave this unattended while the dryer is running.

**If you are unsure about whether it will fit your bladder please contact us before purchasing. 

We produce these in our shop in Bend, OR USA!  Support a small business while keeping your water bladder as fresh as possible.  Buy one today.

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